I started playing Project Sekai this year and now I'm caught in the thrawls of addiction. My luck is shit and my thumbs are suffering, but alas I will continue on my journey.

My Current Team (I just got that Ena card!!!^-^)

My Side Team

Faves (click to go to their wiki page)

Random Thoughts

  • My accuracy is absolute shit, I've only fc'd a handful of songs
  • There's been multiple times where I could've fc'd but noooo, I have to suffer looking at that one 'good'
  • Long notes that end with flicks are the bane of my existance
  • My favorite songs to play are: IDSMILE (kanade's cover is so good), Leia-Remind, Senbonzakura
  • I feel like Leo/need is sort of underated
  • I mean, compared to other groups I can see that they don't stand out as much. I think I'm just biased because I really like Honami and Shiho.
  • At first, I didn't really have an opinion on Honami
  • But honestly, she's such a great friend and she's so nice and pretty
  • I really apreciate how she can be such a kind person and also really strong
  • also for some reason I think it's really cute that she dislikes drawing because she's bad at it, because that's a mood
  • plus who wouldn't like a girl who can play drums?
  • anyways...
  • I'm pretty neutral about most ships
  • BUT, mizuena!!!
  • awehnf;aohnd look at their matching cards!!

Bonus! A Few Other Cards I Like


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