A collection of cute things I've accumulated over the years. I'll try to link to where I got some of this stuff, but for the most part I get them from Blippo, Amazon (won't even bother linking to it here) , and Aliexpress (be careful to not get scammed on that site, product quality is all over the place).

also sorry these photos are pretty bad. i tried to edit them a little to fix the lighting, so hopefully that helped


Mechanical Pencils

A majority of these I got from this amazon listing.

As for the Totoro pencil case, I got that from a thrift store


Strawberry Choker

Pink Casio Watch (I'm not entirely sure if this was the listing)

Macaroon Earbuds

Wing Hairclips

The bracelet and hair ties were from blippo, but I can't find the listing

The green macaroon charm I don't remember where I got that, and the ameythst jar thing was from a thrift store